Welcome to CareerHub for Employers

Welcome to Australian Catholic University CareerHub

ACU CareerHub is a web-based administration system that provides an electronic communication hub between students, employers and the Career Development Service.

To use the system you must first be registered. If you are not already registered you can submit your application now by clicking on the 'register' button.  Business, government or not-for profit organisations, third-party recruiters and household/individual are able to register as Employers on ACU CareerHub.

What does ACU CareerHub provide?

As an Employer registered on ACU CareerHub you will be able to:

  • Create job vacancy advertisements at no charge and advertised these positions to all or a specific cohort of ACU students and graduates
  • Edit and close the job vacancies you have listed
  • Add details of events you are running that you would like ACU students to attend i.e. Employment information sessions, Graduate Recruitment sessions and similar events
  • Post a Priority Message- Get attention for events or vacancies by posting a priority message so it’s the first message students are alerted to when they log in to ACU CareerHub

Job types that are able to be advertised on ACU CareerHub fall in to the following categories:

  • Graduate/Professional jobs and development programs
  • Current vacancies, for all local, national and international roles
  • Vacation jobs, internships and other work-integrated programs
  • Part-time and casual jobs of any type, including tutoring and child minding
  • Volunteer and community engagement opportunities.

All items added to CareerHub will be subject to approval by the ACU Career Development Service.

PLEASE NOTE: By registering on ACU CareerHub your organisation agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of ACU CareerHub  Please read these Terms and Conditions on the link from the ACU CareerHub Registration page.